My most secret weapons online tools

These tools have helped me tremendously on my journey as an Online Marketer and Entrepreneur, and I am sure they will help you too! I will share my most-used tools that I recommend without any hesitation – from Hiring Employees to Blogging, social media tools, Youtube video content, and content writing Tools to items that help me be organized in my day-to-day life as an Online Creative. 

PS: Some of these are my affiliate links, which means I may get a commission for
recommending the product to you. There may also be special deals you can get exclusively
from me to you – so keep an eye out!

1.Starting your website The first tool I recommend is one you’ll need to start your website.

When comes to hosting what you need is a hosting provider that places a focus on reliability, uptime, performance, and is equipped with the necessary features to help you build and grow your site.

And that’s why I’m recommending you bluehost as the best website provider 

  •  Plans start from $2.75 per month
  •  It has a simple one-click installation for WordPress
  • Hosting multiple websites on one account!
  • Excellent Service and support

I also use it on my site for a long time and I have never thought about changing.   Try it you are in good hands

use the link below to get Discount

2.Hiring employees to work with

work with talented Freelancers all over the world for a low price on Fiverr, from graphic designers, web designers, content creators, and others who are ready to work with you for monthly or daily and get your work done on time 

I love to work with the talented team cause I’ll be sure to get the good quality I need 

you can join Fiverr for free and start hiring the team that will make you successful 

3.Email Marketing Tool

For email marketing, I prefer  ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing platform that has email automation capabilities. and it is best suited for online businesses.

you can easily customize and embed forms on your website to get subscribers. It’s also possible to segment the audience through tags based on interests, activities, etc. in this email marketing platform. And you can set up automated emails on this email marketing platform to increase your conversions.

4.Social media tools

As a social media manager Tailwind is my best recommendation content scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram.

You can use it to save time with bulk image upload, really easy drag and drop calendar, multi-board pinning and pin looping, hashtag lists, and more. Plus, you can automatically optimize your Pinterest and Instagram schedules based on when your audience is most engaged. 

Tailwind also comes with analytics so you’re never left wondering if your content is reaching the right people and getting a response!

Cost $14.99/ month, Free trial available no credit card required