4 tips to turn your social media followers to paying customers

Do you receive lots of likes, shares, and comments but NO Purchase of your products or services?

Maybe  you not building a relationship with your audience that drives to Sales or your service or product business

Anyone can post to social media, but turning that into lead-driving content is another story.

if you are not turning your fans and followers into real customers for your

Product or Service Business.

I know exactly how you feel because It happened to me the same, before

with my first  Agency business  and it sucks

That’s why I’ve created this blog post and a FREE Social Media marketing calendar template to  help you turn your fans and followers

from your social media, into paying customers for your service or product business.

It takes time, but if you follow my strategies you will see your audience

more engaged and ready to buy your products or services.

So are you ready to dive in?

1. Know your target market 

Next up, after expanding your social media presence is to identify your target market. Why is this process vital to your marketing strategy? Because without an audience, you have no business.

Target Market Is That Person Who Is Ready To Buy What You Offer. In Consequence, You Need To Find Them And Pinpoint The Social Sites Where They Hang Out And The Types Of Content They Are Consuming. In other words, try to find out about your audience’s buying behavior and social media sites where they spend time. That is how you get to know your target audience; it is not rocket since. This approach will help you achieve maximum success in your social media marketing campaigns.

For instance, if your buyer persona spends their day on Instagram while you’re busy on LinkedIn, do you see any chance of converting them? No, because you are missing your target! Ultimately, your audience will decide where you will be on social media.

Once you know your audience, you will be able to make insightful marketing decisions that will connect with your buyer persona and potentially convert your social media followers into paying customers.

2. Post About Topics Your Followers Care About

If you know your target audience (which is super helpful), write down a list of their interests. These are now topics you can post about. Let’s say you’re dropshipping the clothes. You could share an amazing fashion inspiration or memes,  then a post asking them what their favorite fashion styles, 

A couple of days later, share a video of a dog-napping in a cup holder. The content doesn’t have to be directly related to your business, as long as it’s something your audience might find interesting and continue to engage with your brand.

3. Special deals and offers

Provide your followers with special deals and discount offers. Special deals for followers will attract them and keep them engage with your business or brand. Make sure that these discount deals benefit your followers, so make them simple and fun.

In fact, you can start a deal of the month, or week or a day. Through these offers and discount deals, you can engage your followers.

4. You have To Be Active and Responsive

Once you have gained a presence, gotten many followers, and achieved some sales goals with your social media presence, you have to continue to be active, and you have to respond to your customers.

One of the most important pieces of work is to post regularly and continue to be relevant to your audience.

In keeping with the earlier tactic of focus, you can’t create a bunch of social media sites and then let them sit and get stale. You can use tools to schedule posts and maintain a consistent posting presence. However you accomplish it, those regular updates keep your name in the minds of your customers and potential customers.

Along the same lines, you must be responsive to your customers. Any questions or comments on your site must be responded to quickly. Any customer or would-be customer will appreciate a quick and honest response, so be available to those who connect with you via social media.


The fact is that brands have to gear up and concentrate more on conversions more, as it is the ‘actual’ goal of their social media marketing campaigns. Plan your marketing strategies, provide irresistible offers and calls-to-action, share stories with your fans and encourage them to participate in conversations. Once they feel connected with your brand, they will readily turn into customers, as well as refer you to their family and friends.

And if you think that I missed something, you are most welcome to share the same in the below-given comment box.

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